WoW thoughts

With patch 7.3.5 going live today and the new level system in place I am torn with what to do. Should I keep just doing my hunter and my demon hunter or should I try a new class and level them up and experience the fix to leveling. Also if I were to pick a new class what would I pick. I mean really what to choose, plus I have to take into consideration the new allied races that are coming in as well with what class to pick because that class might need to be put on hold for a new allied race.

Also what spec should I play I mean it is either going to be a healer or a dps but I mean some classes could be both. Also do I need to balance how many healers on each side. Also which race goes best with which class and what am I actually focusing on. Dungeons and raids or reputations or something else.

Also I kind of want to get back into streaming on twitch again. The only problem with that is that I don’t have my own section of the apartment so I wouldn’t be able to film or play on that character when my husband is home. Plus I am going out of town in like a week so I don’t want to start something new and then have to take a break.

I know that I have a problem with WoW, it is well established and known in my household. It has never interfered with getting the things I need done. I always did my school work and went to work. I just don’t have anything to do at the moment so I am trying to plan out all of my WoW so that when I get a job I will have it all laid out. Plus I have things that I want to do before the new expansion comes out at some point this year.

I am sorry about this post. WoW is down for maintenance and I have nothing else to do. Hopefully I can come up with something tomorrow to write about.


The fog

One day there was a lot of fog, this wasn’t your normal fog though. The further in you went the less you could see. It kept getting foggier and foggier the further you went. Some kids were playing outside and their mother lost sight of them because the fog was moving in. She called for them over and over, with no response. She grabbed some friends and a flashlight to venture into the fog to find her kids. They looked for hours and hours but couldn’t find them. She managed to find her way back home and called the police to report her kids missing.

The police tell her they will come help her search but they are stretched thin because so many children are lost in the fog. She is the 8th concerned parent to call them. All the town was mobilized to help find the missing children. They looked all night and into the morning but they couldn’t find or get any response from any of the children.

They had to wait for the fog to lift. They waited for hours and hours until the fog finally lifted. The town mobilized again the parents in a panic because their kids have been missing for over 24 hours now. The town searched and searched for hours.

They finally found all of the children, dead in what appeared to be an open grave. All of their blood had been sucked out. It looked like a vicious vampire attack mixed with an animal attack. Everyone in the town was stunned and confused. They parents were devastated. The national media came, no one could understand what had happened. This town is haunted by the thought of more fog and when the fog does come they keep their children inside.



future guinea pigs.

Next month two lucky guinea pigs will be coming home with us.


In a cage at petsmart lay two little piggys, snuggled up together in their house. The other piggys are out playing in the hay but these two, they just wanna relax. They lay in the house all snuggled up until their cage starts to move. Suddenly their house is gone and there are humans trying to reach them. The two little piggys start freaking out and running around trying to avoid capture. They split up so they have a better chance of staying in the cage. Boom one gets snatched up. They other is sad but still scurrying around. The one who is captured gets transferred from one arm to someone elses. Once in the arms of this human the piggy calms down and gives into the hugs. He is happy and calm and realizes this is who he is meant to be with. He gets sad for a moment thinking of his friend and what will happen to him. Then his friend gets captured and put in the ladys arm and he knows they will be together as best friends forever in the arms of this crazy lady who makes them feel safe and sound.

I imagine this is how it will go when I pick out my piggys. I love guinea pigs and can’t wait to get more. They will be so loved and taken cares of.

Also sorry about Friday, I have been dealing with some family stuff.


The New Year

This year will be better than last year

of course

But you start off sick and wonder how it’ll work

You try to drink tea, your throat is still swollen

Maybe some dayquil will help

New piggys await in 2018 who doesn’t want that

I wonder who they will be

Will they be happy or skidish or both since there is two

Oh and you will have a penguin encounter too

You will touch a penguin and give one a hug

all your dreams come true one day at a time

There are more tattoos that await your body

some are memorial and some are just funny

I hope no one dies because that would suck

I really hope our president doesn’t fuck it up

I hope there is no war and that Spain wins the world cup

That people learn to love others instead of fear

People should know that the US still cares

Most of us want refugees to stay

We all wanna help make the new year great

so start off simple

start by saying hello to someone, hold a door, give a smile

Just try to be there and love one another

Don’t be a dick and don’t spread hate

If everyone does that all will be great.

I’m back

Hey everyone, I am going to try this again. My goal is to write at least three times per week. Hopefully Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know that I might miss a few days here or there but I am really going to try. Being a writer is something that I really want to do, so I am going to be working hard at it this year.

There will be a mixture of using writing prompts, World of Warcraft stories and anything I can think of that I want to write about. So there will be a lot of variety coming this year. Hopefully I can come up with something really awesome for you. Sometimes it might be lame.

Happy New Year everyone.

2018 will be better than last year.


going on hiatus

I am really sorry for not posting regularly. As I have stated before I suffer from depression and I just can’t seem to want to do anything. I just can’t seem to get myself out of this funk. This site was designed to give me structure and something to do everyday. With something that I enjoy, writing. The problem is that I just don’t want to. I mean I actually do but I don’t want to be forced to write and put out something that I am not happy with, which I’ve done before. I am going on hiatus for a while until I can pull myself out of this funk. I am really sorry for this, but I feel it is best for my mental health.


I am sorry for the lack of content lately. I have had some real life issues going on that have taken precedent over my blog. Things should be back to normal now and regular blogs should be back tomorrow. Also I am going to watch the eclipse today. Thank you to anyone who reads the things that I write.