Hi, my name is B. I want to write more this year, so I decided this is one of the ways that I am going to be doing this. I am going to write one writing prompt daily¬† five days a week. I figure this is one of the best ways to improve my writing, along with other things that I am going to be doing. I am also going to attempt to write a book this year and start an additional blog with a podcast attached. I also am trying to do a lot of other things this year too. There will be times when I won’t upload, I will let you know ahead of time. That will usually only be when I am traveling to visit family, because I don’t take my laptop with me or anything. Anyways thank you for your support. As always comments are appreciated.

This picture is just one that I took at this restaurant called Bricks. They had this out on display and I thought it was adorable. I don’t know where my pictures are going to come from for these post, that will be something to figure out.

Happy New Years and I will start on Tuesday the 3rd.


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