The King shows up on your doorstep …

The king shows up on your doorstep, knocking frantically. When you open the door you are surprised that the king is there. You instinctively bow toward your king. The king responds “There is no time for this, get up and I will explain”. “Yes your majesty” you reply. You stand up straight and invite the king in. His guards wait outside your house. As the king enters you can see the urgency on his face. You both sit in the parlor and have your maid make some tea for the two of you.

The king speaks in a hushed tone “I need to tell you something that will change your life.” “What could you possibly say that would change my life, I like the life I have.” you reply. Well the king absorbs that  your maid brings out the tea and serves you. The Kind waits for the maid to leave and begins.

“You are actually my daughter, a princess. I put you in the hands of a good friend of mine. I feared that all of my heirs would be killed to either end the blood line and get rid of having a king at all or so that someone else could lay claim to the throne. No one knows of your existence, other than my dear wife who passed away, and the midwives who were executed to keep this secret.” He said. The look of shock on your face wears off and you start to think this is a joke. This has to be some kind of joke, the king had no heirs.

You reply “Why are you really here. I mean this has to be some kind of joke, is it not? If this is real how come my parents never told me? How come if my father was such a good friend have we never been invited to any of your parties? How come you have never written any letters to my family?”

The king is astonished by your reaction. He states “I kept you away from the palace for good reason, to keep you safe. Also I have written to your father under an assumed name, I have been keeping tabs on you very closely. Why would you think this was a joke, this is not of a joking matter. You are a princess and it is time you came to live in the palace and make your royalty known. You need to get an education in how to run your country. You must learn how to be a royal. You see, you are just finding out about this now because I am sick. I am dying. I need my heir to become apparent to our kingdom, so that I am not the last leader. I need an heir to take over. That is why I am here.”

“You do realize that I am married right? You do realize that I have a life? You do realize that this is something that I don’t want? I mean why would I want this responsibility thrust upon me? I am happy where I am, what if I decline your invitation? Also how can I know your are being honest with me?” you reply

Your father walks into the room and hugs the king and asks “Have you told her yet?” The king replies “Yes I have and she doesn’t seem to believe me, she doesn’t seem to understand the importance of all of this. Maybe as her father you can help her understand”

Your father says “It is all true, your mother and I couldn’t have children of our own. I’ve known the Albert my whole life. He needed my help to conceal the fact that he had an heir. We raised you as our own, because we wanted to have children and thought it was what was best for the kingdom. Now is your time to go an be the princess of the people. You must go with him.”

Your jaw drops to the floor. You are astonished, “How can all this be true? I just don’t understand. I don’t want to leave my life, or my husband.” The king replies “You won’t have to leave your husband, he will becoming with you. You are going to be the princess of the people and will be the first royal who was raised in society. You are going to be the best queen ever when I pass. Please come with me, I won’t force you to but I will tell you your kingdom needs you.” With that the king gets up to leave, looking back at you with the love and pride of a father. “Wait” you say. “I must talk it over with my husband, but if he has no problem with this then I will take my place beside you.” The king smiles “Good because we have already talked to him, we tracked him down on his hunting trip and he is very excited. I will send someone by tomorrow to collect you and your things.”




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