He dodged the fish and swam fast

David was causally swimming in the lake like he always did during the summer. He never thought anything of it. It was a hot summer day and he and his friends were swimming in the lake as usual. They even made a rope swing this year. While he was in the water his best friends were on the edge of the lake fishing, they hadn’t caught anything yet.

His friends noticed it first, at first they thought it was a log, but the closer it got they realized that it was in fact an alligator. The started to scream at their friend who was directly in the path of the alligator. He didn’t pay them any attention, he thought that they had finally caught something and were trying to show him.

He finally looked toward them and they were pointing behind him. He turned his head slowly. He could see a log moving his way, or so he thought. “alligator” screamed his friends. He felt a fish brush his leg and freaked out. He began swimming frantically, he was dodging fish left and right trying to get to safety. He slowed down and started to grab the fish and throw them at the gator. He was trying to distract it because it was gaining on him.

His planned seemed to work at first. The gator would stop and eat the fish and then keep moving after its prey, which was him. Eventually the gator stopped eating the fish that he was throwing. The gator focused in on him. It grabbed David’s leg but only got pants, which he started to drag down, so he took off his pants. He decided to take off his shirt and threw it east of him. He thought once the gator realized that he didn’t get his prey he would go after the shirt.

This didn’t work. One of his friends, Phillip, was on the phone with 911 because both of his friends thought that he would need help. They were right. The gator caught up to him about 5 feet from the shore and grabbed him by the right leg. The water around him started to turn red. The gator started to drag him back into the middle of the lake to drown him. His friend Brent ran to the rope swing and swung  from it landing on the gator that had his friend.

This so startled the gator that it let go of David who swam as fast as he could with a broken and bloody leg. Brent was still on top of the gator punching it in the eyes. The gator started to spiral and got his teeth into Brent.

The paramedics showed up and so did animal control. Brent was struggling and animal control wasted no time and darted the gator. Brent was released and he was brought to shore by an EMT. Both boys were sent to the hospital and Phillip was talked to by police to hear exactly what happened.

David lost the lower part of his right leg, Brent lost his left leg and had to have surgery because he also got bit on the side. They both made a full recovery. Now they never go to the lake in the summer, they also never go fishing either. The only time that they get to swim and hang out is if they are in a pool with a lifeguard on duty.



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