What do you wish more people thought about?

I wish more people thought about others, putting themselves in others shoes. Instead of thinking of only themselves. I think the world would be a better place if people considered others.

I feel like we would have more farms that produce food for human consumption than for livestock. I feel like our efforts to help other countries would go smoother if we considered how the people on the ground felt. Like how does this help them in the long run instead of just throwing food at them or what have you.

I think our clothes would be made more ethically, in buildings with proper exits and sprinklers. That the people who are making our clothes would make a wage they could live on instead of having to live in dorms.

I feel like more children would follow their dreams because people would believe in them. Instead of now where people are told no, your idea is stupid or you have no talent. Or teachers judging students who are poor.

I wish billionaires would pay their fair share of taxes because that is what is best for all people.

Who am I to judge. I judge people all the time, I think about it and then give them a chance. I try to put myself in others shoes, but it isn’t always easy. I try to practice this on a daily basis. I happen to think this is just the basis for being a good person, which is something that I strive for all the time. I don’t always get there in ever situation but I try. If anyone reads this then I think you should try too. I mean nobody’s perfect and you will screw up but trying is the only way to make the world better.



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