You find the end of a rainbow

As I was walking in the field I came across the end of a rainbow. I could see the rainbow touching the ground. I looked around for the pot of gold or a leprechaun, something magical. Just when I started to get disappointed I saw something our of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t believe it.

I had just spotted a unicorn, and it had bling like a rapper. It was all decked out in gold and silver, every gem you could think of. I was in awe. I was so in awe that it took me a minute to notice the blood.

Once I saw the blood on its teeth and fur I looked around and found a body. Apparently someone else had found the end of the rainbow before I did, things didn’t end well. I started to back away slowly trying to not get noticed by the unicorn. I took a step back and stumbled. The unicorn looked up and saw me. I sat there waiting to see what it would do. The unicorn looked at the dead body for a moment and then back at me, a glint of light came off his horn.

The unicorn started to move towards me, I was scrambling backwards because I didn’t want to let it out of my sight lest I be gored from behind. I was running backwards as the unicorn was walking forward. Suddenly the unicorn stopped. I didn’t, I kept moving because I was terrified. Then I noticed why the unicorn had stopped. There was a special cone of light that was around the rainbow. I was on the other side of it, the unicorn couldn’t cross it. I had gotten away. I took out my phone to record video but just as I did the unicorn disappeared. The rainbow had come to an end and faded away.

I went into the area that was covered by the light and found the body, I called 911 of course but I was pretty sure he was dead. I started to feel for a pulse and felt a very faint one. I was thrilled that he might make it. What would I tell the police. I just told 911 I found a guy bleeding profusely on my walk. Would I keep the unicorn to myself. If this guy pulled through would he remember.

I went to the hospital he had been transferred to just to check on him because I had found him and felt a connection to him despite never knowing him. He did make it. He couldn’t remember anything about the attack all he said was the last thing he remembers is seeing a rainbow.

The Dr. said that I had saved his life by calling but he had some concerns. The Dr. said that some of his wound had been cauterized before he ever got help. That is when it hit me the unicorn had to have done it, how else would it have happened. Then I realized the unicorn needed it’s victims to be alive while feeding on them, the only reason the rainbow disappeared was because he was so close to death and no one else was in the ring of light for it to eat.

I have not been able to go outside whenever I see a rainbow, I always duck into some place. I stay far and clear from them. The man I found does the same thing too. I think he remembers but knows no one will believe him, just like no one will believe me.


I want to apologize at how late this is going up. My internet and cable went out earlier today and only came back on recently.


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