You’re given the opportunity to either go to the moon or stay on Earth with the power to fly….

I would choose the ability to fly. The reason I wouldn’t choose to go to the moon is simple. What is up there? Are there aliens, if there are would they be friendly? Who would I talk to?  I wouldn’t be able to have human interactions like I need. I would get lonely. Also they don’t specify if I could still breathe or not, so you could be walking into your own death of suffocation or exploding or whatever would kill you in space.

The reason I would choose flight is also simple. How cool would it be, I mean being able to go anywhere in the world for free basically. I could go see me grandma whenever I wanted. I could go see my husbands family whenever I want. I could travel the world. Think of the perspective you would have as well, I mean being able to look down on earth like that at any point you wanted. I mean who wouldn’t choose a super power over going to the moon? Having a super power would be so rad. It would just seem like such a waste to me to pass on the ability to fly and choose going to the moon.

That is just my personal opinion though. Let me know what you would choose in the comments.



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