Describe trying to remember a dream.

When I think about trying to remember what I dream about, I usually close my eyes. I try to envision what I was thinking about the previous day. I attempt to recreate what I think it might have been. I then try to talk my way through it. If it starts to seem familiar I know that I am on the right track. If it doesn’t I keep going but take a different direction to see if that rings any bells.

I can usually remember what I was dreaming about at first and then it goes away so the best time to remember a dream for me is right after waking up. I should probably keep a journal so that I can just write things down. Maybe there is a book in one of my dreams.


Sorry this was so short. I have a lot on my mind. I might be getting a job. I have a call back tomorrow. Also the image is from google image. Remember there won’t be anything from Jan. 31-Feb. 7.


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