Describe the perfect summer.

My ideal summer would be one where I don’t have to do anything. I get to go to an aquarium for my birthday, but the rest of the summer is spent by the pool or by the beach. Possibly going on quad rides. It would be hot outside, a dry heat. I would also include a trip to an amusement park where the lines are short and I can stay from when they open to when they close. Also I would finally get to go to the warped tour, and ideally bowling for soup, reel big fish, bouncing souls, nerf herder and the vandals would all be playing at different times so that I could enjoy them all.

Basically my perfect summer is getting to do things that I love while it is hot outside (I grew up in the desert). So going back to my childhood almost.


I have a job now. Also just a reminder that there isn’t going to be another post until the 8th of Feb.

The image is from google image


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