Describe the perfect bedroom. How would your room look if you could do anything you wanted to it?

My perfect bedroom would be painted a light pink. I would have a very large bed with lots of stuffed animals on and more than likely a pink or colorful blanket. I would have a massive closet that I could hid in, if there were a tornado. The carpet would be black and really shaggy. I would have cool posters and pictures on the wall. I would also have a massive book case, one where I not only displayed my books but my cds and records as well. I might also display my little knick knacks. I would have a record/cd player that looked antique and I would also have my antique looking radio. I would also have a massive attached bathroom with a giant tub for luxurious baths.

I think that is what my perfect room would look like. I can’t have that in real life because my husband doesn’t like pink or color really. Plus if I included his book collection I wouldn’t have room to display my cds, records or knick knacks. He has a huge book collection.


Image is from google image. Also just to clarify I am an adult I just like stuffed animals, toys and the color pink.


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