WoW Fan Fiction

When Calarii was little she wanted to grow up and be a priestesses in the temple of Elune. She studied hard in school and followed all of the rules. Then She was plucked out of her class one day and told that she needed to join the war.

Calarii was not happy about this. She didn’t like the idea of fighting. She didn’t want to be around danger. She wanted to be at home where she could find a spouse and have a child, you know a normal life.

Tyranda said “You are one of our best priest. You are need in the battle field, our allies need someone to heal them. You won’t be fighting but you will be put in harms way. You will be responsible for medical care on the battle field.”

Calarii responded “What if I choose not to accept this? What if I choose to stay here among my people and Elune? What will happen then?”

Tyranda replied “Then our allies will die and we will lose the war. The legion will take over and our home will be destroyed. Everyone  you know and love will die. There is no choosing here. You must do the right thing. Our future depends on you and your ability to heal.”

Calarii nodded. She stared off into the distance, watching her perfectly planned future disappear. She sighed and said “Alright, I will do my duty. I will heal our troops. I will turn the tides in battles and heal everyone.”

Tyranda said “You made the right decision. You are destined for this position. You must quickly pack and head out. You will begin your training in Shadowglen. You must hurry, I have asked the gryphon master to hold a flight for you.”

With that Calarii went home and packed some of her belongings and asked her parents to clear out her house. She figured she wouldn’t be needing it anymore. Her parents assured her that she was always welcome at their house. With that she headed to the gryphon master to begin her journey.


Thank you for reading. Please let me know if you want me to continue to write fan fiction or just go back to writing prompts. Like I said in the post yesterday the fan fiction will only be on my days off.

The image is from google image.


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