More fan fiction – How to spot a rogue

Rogues are not normal people. Most of them have had terrible childhoods. For instance most of the rogues that get picked up for training lived in the orphanage at one point. They have to scrounge for everything. They need to be fierce and they need to be quick and stealthy. If you are not like this in the orphanage than you won’t get far. This is true for both factions and it is also true for the orphans in Shattarath city in Outland.

In fact a lot of rogues escape the orphanage and sneak and steal to make a living. They are people who tend not to have a lot of friends, and the friends they do have are usually only there because the rogue needs them for something. Never trust a rogue they will stab you in the back the moment it is more convenient than having you around.

They will always be dressed for the occasion, because most of the time they will knock someone out and then steal their clothes depending on the situation. They are incredibly agile and they will turn on you in a moments notice. If you see a child on the street begging for money they just might be a rogue, I would check your pocket before you leave. They are excellent thieves.

Just remember to be aware of your surroundings. Especially in cities. This is where most of the rogues in the military come from. They are chosen because they have already honed their skills on the people of the city.

written by Sage Dalton for GNN


Image from google image.

GNN stands for Goblin News Network

This is in response to a number of thefts in Stormwind City – the human Alliance capital


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