A Young Dwarf – More fan fic

I was a child of a wealthy dwarf family, heir to the family fortune due to the fact that I was an only child. I use the term was because when I was just a child both of my parents went to war for the alliance, during the first war. They were both killed and I was unable to claim my family fortune, due to the fact that I was only 12.
I was sent to Stormwind, to the orphanage there, where all the other children whose parents had died bravely serving the alliance were sent. It was very strange because I was one of the only Dwarfs. I didn’t fit in and I spent all my free time in the Dwarven District, with the other Dwarves. Every time we get a chance to go on a field trip I always suggest going to Ironforge, when we do go there we take the Deeprun Tram, which is always a lot of fun.
Once a year the orphanage pleads with adventures to take an orphan with them, to show them around the world and tell them on about their travels and adventures. This always kind of depressed me because I never got to go anywhere, I know that I lived in one of the most exciting places in the Eastern Kingdom; I would listen to all the adventures talking about how they had slain giants and other monsters or battled pirates. I have dreamt about becoming a great adventurer and making a lot of money along with my inheritance, also to honor and avenge my parent’s death.
It is difficult for me to think about what they went through, just to protect our home and our freedoms. It is amazing how people can risk their life for someone with out evening knowing them. I want to be one of those people. The person for the orphans to look up to, a role model of sorts, to give inspiration to those who need it most; I have found some adventures willing to talk to a me, very interesting and inspiring. I have an amazing love of country and alliance. I am very interested in becoming someone who defends the alliance and protects the home, and hopes of everyone in it. I would love to go to battle so that people with children would be able to stay home and know that the war is being fought by valiant warriors who will keep them safe.
I wish losing parents to no one. It is not good and it is an incredibly sad place to be. It is difficult to change setting just like that, to be all alone with no one to care for you because the people in charge have too many children. They don’t have time to pay attention to just one child, or simple problems. They are not equipped to deal with as many children as they have which is why the leaders decided to create children’s week; where they get adventures to come and take the children on adventures and to help them with their problems. Most adventures only come for the reward they get for pretending to care about the less fortunate.


Image taken from google image.

I wrote this a while ago but I like it so I thought I would upload it.


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