Murderous Manatee

This is a story like no other story you have ever heard. It is the story of Marty a manatee, who watches his family violently murdered by someone on a boat off the coast of Florida. Manatees are normally very docile creatures. They are vegetarians, who just love life and go with the flow.
The reason this story is different, is because Marty took the death of his parents very harshly, as most of us would. He shocked the other members of his group by deciding to turn violent. He decided he wanted vengeance. He wanted to get even and make people stop hurting him and his friends.
In doing this he shocked the world. He threw the world off guard and People were really confused. People need to hear his story. To understand what happened. I am here to tell it.
It started off like any other day for them; they were eating seaweed and plankton. Out of nowhere this boat comes crashing through. Propellers flying and then the sea turned red. Red with the blood of Marty’s parents and only sister, there were pieces of them floating all around him. He was the only one spared that day.
He felt so blessed that he was not taken, but at the same time he felt guilty that he was the only one who was spared. He decided that it meant something. He was spared for a reason. He spent weeks trying to figure out this reason. He did everything he could think of. Then something similar happened again. This time it was his best friend.
He was the only one spared this day as well. It was this that spurred him to think he needed to get vengeance for those that had fallen to the hands of the stupid humans. It was this moment when he decided to turn violent against the humans. He figured they were stupid and evil anyways, why else would they kill innocents.
He dove deep down into the sea much deeper then he had ever gone before. He was seeking how to go about killing the humans. He ran into a shark. The shark wasn’t scary, he actually was a vegetarian. He had rebelled from him own kind and wanted to help Marty after he heard what happened. So with the help of Sam the shark they began their adventure into destroying mankind.
Once the decision was made there was no turning back. They both knew that this would either work or they would die doing it. They came to terms with this fact and began training. Marty learned to ram things with his head, and Sam decided to eat people, seeing as they don’t seem to have brains. Sam had decided not to eat things with intelligence; he decided people didn’t fit into this group. He also found people to be quite tasty.
At first people were unsure of what was happening, boats were just flipping over for no reason and the people were getting eaten. Most people began to think the shark was rocking the boat to get food; Sam realized that as he was doing this he could feed other sharks and convince them not to eat things with brains.
Sometimes there were survivors and these people were telling the media that they saw a manatee. Everyone was confused; they all thought maybe the shark was after the manatee and not the people. More people survived encounter like this and they said the manatee was swift and violent. He was the one rocking the boat.
More sharks came to Florida because they heard about the free food. They were all willing to help Marty and Sam, as long as they got to eat some people. People eventually stopped going out into the sea in small boats. They realized that the people were catching on.
They knew they had to move onto bigger things. They started going to bigger boats. This wasn’t a problem because of all the sharks that were coming for the free food. They were able to take down bigger and bigger ships.
They eventually started to uses things in the ocean to help them. Rocks taken to the propellers, stopping an engine, people began to get so scared to go near the water. They knew these animals were rising up. They knew something had changed. They had no idea what was going on, but they knew something was wrong.
Soon after people left the water, the other sharks that were helping them were getting hungry and restless. Marty knew he had to do something. Some people were still going to the beach, he knew this. He came up with a plane to pretend to be beached and then the sharks would jump out of the water and eat the people who were trying to help him. They enlisted the help of other sea creatures to pull this off.
Soon this began happening all along the coast. The sea animals were rising up. All over the world were strange reports of the sea life attacking people. The death toll rose very quickly. Soon no one was going to the beaches. No one wanted to be anywhere near the water.
This created a problem. A problem they knew they had to fix. They needed a way to get on land to get at the people. They thought long and hard and decided to attack people’s homes that were along the coast. They had already had seagulls helping them and other birds of the coast. They had them dropping things onto people roofs, their cars, anything they could think of. Then when the people would go outside or get out of their cars the animals would attack. All along coastal areas animals were rising and terrorizing people.
All animals were getting involved in this all out attack on humanity; it wasn’t limited to the sea anymore. Marty and Sam were pleased with this. They wanted to wipe out humanity. They felt people didn’t have a place in the world and needed to go. So as people were getting killed some of the humans were brought back to the sea for the sea creatures to share in the bounty. The animals knew who had helped them free the shackles of human kind. They knew they were indebted to Marty and Sam.
This movement spread throughout the world. First along the coast and then inland, as more animals because aware of the movement. Soon people feared for their lives, and most people were dead. Only some people survived. The people the animals deemed to have a brain and know something. People who were living off the land for eons, who didn’t change their ways who didn’t compete with nature but instead coexisted with it who understood the animals those who befriend them, only those people were spared.
As one of the only few surviving humans, and basically the only one who can use a computer, still. I decided to write this story down so that it can go on the record of human history. How animals brought down the Humans for being idiots.

Image is from google image.

This is another story that I wrote a while ago. I am going to just upload stories that I have already written for the next couple of days until all of them are up. I don’t know if they are any good or not but I figured I would share them here anyways.


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