The adventures of Harley and Snickers

Once upon a time in a bedroom right down the hall lived two very strange little blue space bugs. Their names are Harland and Snickersnackel, better known as Harley and Snickers. They are brothers and they live a very special life. During the day when no one is home they go on magical adventures. This is just one of the many stories that I have heard about them. “Snickers wake up, everyone is gone.” Said Harley he as he looked around with his big googley eyes. Snickers looked at him with his one good eye and said “What do you want to do today?” They stopped and thought for a moment then they made a bold decision. They were going to go on the floor and explore under the bed. Normally they aren’t allowed under then because of the monsters that live there but because no one was there to stop them they went any ways. Once under the bed they heard a noise and got scared. Thinking they shouldn’t have gone down under the bed they tried to make their way back to the top, until they realized that it wasn’t a bad noise it was just their tummies rumbling because they hadn’t had their fill of hugs for the day, because they live off of hugs. With this new knowledge they continued on their way into the abyss that is under the bed. While they were under the bed they decided to play a trick and try to scare Steve and Boo who remained on top of the bed because they aren’t as adventurous, well they are sometimes but under the bed scares them. So Snickers and Harley start to make noise under the bed when they know that Steve and Boo can hear them. They make noises like they are being attacked. This scares Boo and Steve who try to get the attention of their mommy to come and save Snickers and Harley. After a few minutes of this the boys start to think maybe this wasn’t the nicest idea after all, so they decided to yell at Steve and Boo that they are alright and they killed the monsters. Which they could do and Steve and Boo know this quite well. Boo, the ex-secret agent kitty, had taught them everything that he knows about fighting. So Steve and Boo were sure that they were going to be ok but they still got worried about their friends. After they had confessed through the mattress that it was a prank they heard a noise and Steve and Boo didn’t believe them. So they went to investigate the noise that they heard under the bed. Taking them further from the light of the window, they started to get scared. Then they came face to face with something they had never seen before, a bunny made of dust. He was chewing on the carpet dust, and staring at them. Now the dust bunny had never seen space bugs before so he didn’t know what to make of the strange creatures, they didn’t know how to react to the dust bunny either. After a moment of just staring at each other they decided to hug the dust bunny and that he should be their pet. They named him Mortimer; he liked the hugs and attention he was getting so he went along with this idea. They were all playing under the bed for the rest of the day but then they heard the sound of their mommy and daddy. They knew they would get in trouble for being under the bed so they explained this to their new friend “We have to get up on to the bed or our mommy and daddy will be mad.” He said “I understand.” So they hurried up to the bed and got back under the covers with Steve and Boo who were already waiting for them. There they stayed. Then their parents crawled into bed and hugged everyone, and everyone fell asleep in the arms of their parents. Waiting until the next day for their next set of adventures.


This is just something silly that I wrote. I think I was aiming for a kids book kind of vibe. Its stupid I know but I like it.

Image is from google image. But the Jinxlets are created by Kris Straub for the comic Starslip.


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