Describe a dream you remember.

I often dream about work, not in a good way either. Most of the time I dream about being late or being overwhelmed and having a panic attack. Last night I had a dream about work where I was on a ladder and I fell backwards but no one noticed. I was lying on the ground unconscious and then I come to and try to talk into my ear piece but it is broken. I try to scream but I can’t really get any noise out. I have to crawl around until I find someone because my legs are broken. They call an ambulance but I can’t afford to go to the hospital because my insurance hasn’t kicked in yet. So they just leave me. I have to beg someone for a ride home and then I am just trapped in the house all alone because no one else is home. My guinea pig gets out and tries to eat me but realizes that I am not food so he stops.

I have a lot of other dreams to but this is the only one that I am comfortable with sharing.


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