More Fan Fiction – WoW

A young human the age of eight was swooped up by the Kirin Tor. They took her to Dalaran to train her as a mage. They chose Kami because of her unusual skill in magic. She did not come from a prestigious family, nor did she come from a family with a history of magic use. She was in the local school system but the teachers started to get concerned. Kami was using magic, despite the fact no one was teaching her how to. The teachers were so concerned that she would burn down Stormwind that they  called the Kirin Tor. The teachers begged that they take her.

The Kirin Tor were very curious to see this young girl who was wielding magic without being taught. They decided to send someone down to Stormwind. Once the recruiters was there and talked with the teachers they took Kami aside and asked her to show them some of the magic she could do. They were in awe of the power she wielded. They asked “Where did you learn how to do this?” Kami responded “I don’t know, I just kind of do it. Sometimes I can’t really control it.” They were even more in awe of her. They sent her back to her class and went to talk to her parents, both of them tailors.

The recruiter talked to the parents saying “your daughter is incredibly gifted but she needs to learn how to manage and control her abilities.” The mother responded “We know, she sometimes gets scared when she can’t control it. She would love to be able to go to school to study magic but we simply don’t have the funds to send her. We often wonder if she is going to end up burning the whole city down.” The recruiters nodded in agreement, they knew from their interview that she was very talented but had control issues. “We can take her to Dalaran and put her in magic classes there. We will do it for free since we know you can’t afford it. We only do this because of the level of talent and because she can’t keep living with civilians if she cannot control her powers.” The parents nodded and signed the agreement. They felt awful for sending their only child away but they knew they had no other choice really.

The recruiters went back to the school to pick up Kami, who was surprised to see them. They told her “Your parents think it would be best if you came to live with us in Dalaran to learn to manage your magic better.” Kami stopped and said “I don’t want to go, can’t I stay here and learn?” The recruiters looked at each other and one of them said “No, it is to dangerous for you to continue to live in Stormwind. You need to come with us.” Kami responded by saying “No I don’t want to leave my family.” One of the recruiters said “They can come visit you whenever you want them to. They will be made available to you as much as you need them. They  are not giving you away to us. They are only allowing us to train you. Once you complete your training you may return to them.” She knew that last part was a lie but felt it would help convince  Kami to leave her family and come with them.

Kami thought a moment and said “I want to talk to my parents, you need to promise them what you just told me.” With that being said she started to walk towards her parents shop with the recruiters in tow. After much discussion amongst them all Kami agreed to go with them. Kami knew she would have to join the army and help defend the world from the Legion when her training was finished but that she would learn how to make teleports to Stormwind so she could be with her family from time to time while out in the field working for the Alliance.


The image is from google image.


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