What would a good hideout be like?

I figured since I am under a tornado watch and a sever thunderstorm warning it would be a good time to write about this.

The place that I go to in emergencies to hid out is under my stairway. We have a little closet there that is perfect for hiding. I clear it out of all the crap we keep in there when needed.

To make it perfect for hiding from the weather I do many things, for one I clean it out. Then I get Sherman in a box and put him in the closet for safety. Once I know he is safely in place I run around my house and collect my stuffed animals. Yes I am an adult. I leave some of them in the bathroom upstairs and the rest get put into a basket and brought down stairs to be put in the closet. Then I grab the stuffed guys from the couch and put them into the room. I also make sure that I have my weather radio and the tv on. I keep the door open until it gets really scary which has only happened once. There was an actual tornado then.

If I have to be in there for any length of time I set up a little corner with my stuffed animals to lean on and listen to music or read. I can even sleep in there if necessary. It is the perfect spot to hide out from storms. It has everything you need. Stuffed animals, a guinea pig and the radio. I can also grab snacks to bring in there as well.


image from google image. Hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow, unless the power goes out.


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