More wow fan fic – Talua

Talua woke up, wondering where she was. The last thing she remembered was being in a battle. At first she thought she was in a hospital of some kind and that a medic had found her. She looked around confused. She looked at her hands and saw some of the skin was missing and she could see bones.

This is odd she thought. After regaining her barrings she realized that she was not in a hospital at all. She was in a tomb. It took her a second to realize that she had been claimed by the Banshee Queen, Slyvanas. The Alliance had heard rumors about her using Valkyrie to claim the souls and bodies of those killed. They were thought to just be rumors because everyone knows how much she hated the Lich King. They didn’t think she was capable of becoming just like him.

In that moment she knew that she was a Forsaken now. She would be recruited as a member of the Horde and would be required to fight against the Alliance and her friends. She would never be accepted by her family or friends, for she was now what they hated. She knew she had to get to a neutral city to send a letter to the King, she needed them to know that she had been claimed and that Sylvanas was in fact claiming the dead for the Forsaken.

Talua knew that she had to move quickly on sending the letter because the curse supposedly removed your memories from before you were Forsaken. She didn’t know how long her memories would keep. She checked her bags for the gold she had collected. All of her possessions were missing, including her gold. The Valkyrie had apparently taken all of her possessions and donated them to the Horde or just taken her belongings for themselves.

She wrote a fake letter saying she was needed in Booty Bay and should be given a free ride. Hopefully the bat handler would be stupid enough to fall for it. She raced to the bat handler and gave him the letter. After reading the letter the bat handler looked at her with suspicion, but gave her a bat anyways. As she flew she wrote the letter she would send to the King; alerting him to what Sylvanas was doing. It was a full days flight but she finally made it. She ran to the nearest mail box feeling her memories starting to fade. She put the letter into the mail box. Hoping that the king would get it. She them went to the inn and went to sleep, knowing she might not remember when she woke up. She was right.


Image from google image. ryumo – DeviantArt


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