What would you do if your parents forgot to pick you up from school?

I don’t know why I picked this prompt. I was never forgotten at school. I regularly had to walk home by myself. My mom was sick and it was to hot for her to have to walk the mile to the school just to walk me home. We also only had one car and my grandma took it to work so either way I would have been walking home. I would occasionally bum rides from my friends. I was never forgotten.

In fact I was never really left alone. There was always someone in the house with my and my brother when we were growing up. We never even had a baby sitter growing up, it was always family. I can’t even imagine what being forgotten about would feel like. I mean if my brother has to pick me up or something then yeah I can imagine being forgotten; but my mom or grandma forgetting me that is just unimaginable.

I have however been left and forgotten about by friends. I have also been bailed on by friends more times that I can count. I have even been stood up by someone I was dating. They were supposed to pick me up for lunch from school. My high school didn’t restrict peoples movements. I waited and waited for him and he just never showed up. I didn’t get lunch that day and I was absolutely starving when I got home from school.

That is the only experience I have with being stuck at school. Being left out on the other hand I have lots of experience with. Being pushed aside I know about. Being used by friends I know a lot about. The only people I know who would never forget me is my Mom and Grandma, and now my brothers kids. Also my husband and his family don’t forget me either.


Sorry this is short and kind of all over the place. I had a really bad night and I have to go to work today. Also my husband and his mom should be here tonight.

Image found on google image.http://abc11.com/society/why-is-my-kid-not-smiling-on-the-first-day-of-school-/948433/


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