Story Time

Hey everybody it is time for a story. It’s just a short story.

So I am a creature of habit. I like things to be the same consistently. I really don’t like change. My best friend growing up cracked her knuckles all the time. I grew to find the sound comforting. One day she stopped because she was trying to quit cracking her knuckles because her mom didn’t like her doing it. Well when she stopped the cracking sound was gone. The longer it was gone the more I missed it. This is actually why I crack my knuckles. If she hadn’t stopped for a time I don’t think I would crack my knuckles. Because at first I only did it around her and then I just kept doing it more and more until I was always cracking my knuckles and I even crack my toes now.

The next few stories are probably going to be true stories about me and my friend because she is driving in to see me tomorrow. She is only staying for the weekend. Because she is coming in all of these childhood memories that I haven’t thought about in years are popping back into my head. It is just so weird. Tomorrow I might  write about when we met or some of the games we used to play as kids.

Talk to you tomorrow.


I might have to remove the picture because well I didn’t ask permission to use her image but I am sure she will be ok with it. But if the picture changes that is why.


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