Your parents go out of town for the weekend and you have the house to yourself. What happens?

Well I am fairly boring and I wouldn’t actually do anything. However I know people who have had this happen. They threw a party.

We went to Marks house because he was having a party and because he was letting my boyfriend Sam’s band play, along with his and one other.  So I am just hanging out in the back yard because Sam’s band is setting up. I am not sure exactly what happens but things escalate quickly. It appears that a fight has broken out. It escalates to the gun shots inside the house. I didn’t witness any of this but we quickly pack up our stuff and took off. We were there when the cops got their but because we didn’t see anything because we were outside. Most of the members of the three bands were outside. They let us leave the scene. They could also see that none of us were under the influence, even if I was I think hearing a gun shot would have sobered me up real quick. So we flee the scene as fast as we can. The next week on Monday I ask Mark what happened and if everything was ok. He said that he was fine but the house wasn’t really. Someone had shot a lamp and there was a hole in the wall along with other things that got broken in the fight. Luckily no one was injured but the cops did call his parents. So he was in serious trouble.

That is one of my only experiences of a high school party.


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