WoW thoughts

With patch 7.3.5 going live today and the new level system in place I am torn with what to do. Should I keep just doing my hunter and my demon hunter or should I try a new class and level them up and experience the fix to leveling. Also if I were to pick a new class what would I pick. I mean really what to choose, plus I have to take into consideration the new allied races that are coming in as well with what class to pick because that class might need to be put on hold for a new allied race.

Also what spec should I play I mean it is either going to be a healer or a dps but I mean some classes could be both. Also do I need to balance how many healers on each side. Also which race goes best with which class and what am I actually focusing on. Dungeons and raids or reputations or something else.

Also I kind of want to get back into streaming on twitch again. The only problem with that is that I don’t have my own section of the apartment so I wouldn’t be able to film or play on that character when my husband is home. Plus I am going out of town in like a week so I don’t want to start something new and then have to take a break.

I know that I have a problem with WoW, it is well established and known in my household. It has never interfered with getting the things I need done. I always did my school work and went to work. I just don’t have anything to do at the moment so I am trying to plan out all of my WoW so that when I get a job I will have it all laid out. Plus I have things that I want to do before the new expansion comes out at some point this year.

I am sorry about this post. WoW is down for maintenance and I have nothing else to do. Hopefully I can come up with something tomorrow to write about.


The fog

One day there was a lot of fog, this wasn’t your normal fog though. The further in you went the less you could see. It kept getting foggier and foggier the further you went. Some kids were playing outside and their mother lost sight of them because the fog was moving in. She called for them over and over, with no response. She grabbed some friends and a flashlight to venture into the fog to find her kids. They looked for hours and hours but couldn’t find them. She managed to find her way back home and called the police to report her kids missing.

The police tell her they will come help her search but they are stretched thin because so many children are lost in the fog. She is the 8th concerned parent to call them. All the town was mobilized to help find the missing children. They looked all night and into the morning but they couldn’t find or get any response from any of the children.

They had to wait for the fog to lift. They waited for hours and hours until the fog finally lifted. The town mobilized again the parents in a panic because their kids have been missing for over 24 hours now. The town searched and searched for hours.

They finally found all of the children, dead in what appeared to be an open grave. All of their blood had been sucked out. It looked like a vicious vampire attack mixed with an animal attack. Everyone in the town was stunned and confused. They parents were devastated. The national media came, no one could understand what had happened. This town is haunted by the thought of more fog and when the fog does come they keep their children inside.



The New Year

This year will be better than last year

of course

But you start off sick and wonder how it’ll work

You try to drink tea, your throat is still swollen

Maybe some dayquil will help

New piggys await in 2018 who doesn’t want that

I wonder who they will be

Will they be happy or skidish or both since there is two

Oh and you will have a penguin encounter too

You will touch a penguin and give one a hug

all your dreams come true one day at a time

There are more tattoos that await your body

some are memorial and some are just funny

I hope no one dies because that would suck

I really hope our president doesn’t fuck it up

I hope there is no war and that Spain wins the world cup

That people learn to love others instead of fear

People should know that the US still cares

Most of us want refugees to stay

We all wanna help make the new year great

so start off simple

start by saying hello to someone, hold a door, give a smile

Just try to be there and love one another

Don’t be a dick and don’t spread hate

If everyone does that all will be great.

I’m back

Hey everyone, I am going to try this again. My goal is to write at least three times per week. Hopefully Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know that I might miss a few days here or there but I am really going to try. Being a writer is something that I really want to do, so I am going to be working hard at it this year.

There will be a mixture of using writing prompts, World of Warcraft stories and anything I can think of that I want to write about. So there will be a lot of variety coming this year. Hopefully I can come up with something really awesome for you. Sometimes it might be lame.

Happy New Year everyone.

2018 will be better than last year.


Miyam the Pandaren priest

As a Pandaren, we have many aspects to our religion. One of the main ones it the honoring of our ancestors. The elders of each village pick a few select children to be raised as guardians of the ancestors. When I was six I was chosen to be one. My name is Miyam and this is my story. It is not what you would think.

As I was growing up under the training of the elders I learned all about being a guardian of our ancestor. We learned detailed histories of several prominent Pandaren. We were taught special techniques to ward off the Sha, which are evil spirits. So I had a lot of practice avoiding the Sha.

The Sha became more powerful when the mist faded and strange visitors came to our land. They were nothing like us. They fight for fun and amusement, they also don’t have fur except for the Tauren and the Worgen. They brought with them very bad energy which gave the Sha more power. The Sha were kept in check with the fog and because of our cultural practices, which we didn’t realize until it was to late.

Once the visitors came to our shores there was no turning them back. Some members of Pandaren society sided with one side or the other of the strangers. They called themselves Horde and Alliance. Once you pledged your allegiance to one you could no longer talk to members of the other even if they were your best friend or your family before.

Some decided to stay Pandaren and just allow the visitors to be, because there was no way we could stop them.

With all the in fighting among the Pandaren the Sha grew more emboldened. It got to a point where I could no longer fight the Sha. It’s dark energy permeated my body and soul. I was forever altered. I decided to join the Horde and leave my post as a guardian. I felt bad for leaving but I knew that I could no longer fulfill my duties. I felt it was best to get out and away before my Sha seeped into others. I joined the Horde to escape my family and friends, so they would not see what I became. I became a priest of the shadows. I learned dark magic and let it devour me. I can no longer heal my allies I can only inflict pain upon my enemies.


This image is from google image. Original can be found here.


Sassy the Cat

I came into the door after walking home from school. Sweat dripped down my back and I moved into the living room to sit in front of the fan. As I set my back pack down I looked at my mom for the first time since arriving. She looked really concerned. “Mommy are you ok?” I asked in my squeaky little voice. “No sweetie I have to tell you something. You might be really upset.” I looked her in the eyes with tears welling up in mine. “What is it mommy?” She replied “Its about your cat Sassy, she is missing. We opened the back door for a moment and she ran outside. We went out after her but couldn’t find her. We think the dog might have gotten her.” I was bawling at this point, I couldn’t see through tears or breath through the snot that was running from my nose. I kept saying “Not Sassy, she wouldn’t leave me she wouldn’t leave me” Shaking my mom wrapped her arms around me, she understood just how upset I was. She was a gentle soul just like me. Someone who likes animals more than people.

I had an unnatural bond with my cat Sassy. She followed me everywhere and was always in my room with me. She was my best friend, even more so than my actual best friend. I could just feel my heart breaking into a million pieces, each one shattering more upon impact. Then I heard something. “Sassy!” I cried out “meow” my cat responded. I knew it was Sassy and not the other cats because Sassy had a distinctive cry because she lost her teeth. I ran towards the meek meowing of my cat, wiping tears from my eyes so that I wouldn’t trip and fall.

My Mom and Grandma were following me because they could hear the meowing but they didn’t believe it. They were certain that Sassy had run outside and that the dog must have gotten her. Soon I was in my bedroom and I could see a little whisker poking out from under the bed.

I reached under the bed and pulled out my cat. My Sassy. “I knew she wouldn’t leave me Mommy. didn’t I say she wouldn’t leave me” I was crying again, but this time they were happy tears. I wasn’t shaking anymore. Everything was better because I had my best friend wrapped in my arms. “Well I guess she just ran back inside as we stepped out to look for her.” my Mommy said smiling. She was so happy and so was my grandma. We were all smiling and Sassy was purring in my arms.

Everything turn out to be OK.


Image found of Google image search. Clicking the link gets you here

This is Sassy from the movie homeward bound. I named my cat after her despite them not looking alike.

Anxiety and sleep

Sometimes sleep is an elusive beast. I mean sometimes as tired as you are it just escapes. Or other times you are set to wake up and then suddenly it is past the timeĀ  your alarm was to have gone off. Sleep is supposed to be something natural and something you need but then why is it so elusive? Why does sleep hide from us? Why does it run away, being chased by anxiety or doubt. Anxiety is not helpful at all yet it lingers beyond when it is necessary. It hides in our brains and chases away the restful sleep that we need. You lay down to go to sleep exhausted, knowing you have a big day ahead of you. Suddenly anxiety rears it’s ugly head and chases away the sleep you desperately want and need.


This is something I struggle with. It has been really bad lately so I thought of this. Image from google image, original can be found here