Describe the perfect bedroom. How would your room look if you could do anything you wanted to it?

My perfect bedroom would be painted a light pink. I would have a very large bed with lots of stuffed animals on and more than likely a pink or colorful blanket. I would have a massive closet that I could hid in, if there were a tornado. The carpet would be black and really shaggy. I would have cool posters and pictures on the wall. I would also have a massive book case, one where I not only displayed my books but my cds and records as well. I might also display my little knick knacks. I would have a record/cd player that looked antique and I would also have my antique looking radio. I would also have a massive attached bathroom with a giant tub for luxurious baths.

I think that is what my perfect room would look like. I can’t have that in real life because my husband doesn’t like pink or color really. Plus if I included his book collection I wouldn’t have room to display my cds, records or knick knacks. He has a huge book collection.


Image is from google image. Also just to clarify I am an adult I just like stuffed animals, toys and the color pink.

Whats your favorite meal? Who cooks it best? What does the meal remind you of?

I have many favorite foods and meals. The one that I have picked for this topic is beans and weiners and fried potatoes. I picked this meal because it is one of the few meals that I ate all the time growing up and that I can’t seem to replicate. Basically you cut up a pack of hot dogs and put them in with a can of pork and beans, ketchup and mustard. You bake that in the oven and fry the sliced potatoes in butter turning them occasionally. I like mine with some of them crispy, but that is just me. I always eat it with a lot of ketchup for both the potatoes and the hot dogs.

My mom cooked it the best but my grandma is a very very close second. I was just at her house for a visit and she made this for me twice. I did have to peel and cut the potatoes though. Which isn’t a big deal because I make fried potatoes here sometimes. Anyway those are the people who make it best. The way that I just can’t seem to get it.

I can make everything else I ate as a child except this for some reason. I don’t know what it is that I do wrong but clearly I am missing something. I have had my grandma tell me how to do and I follow her instructions to a tee but I just can’t seem to get it right.

This meal reminds me of home. It reminds me of my childhood and my mom. It reminds me of sitting around a table enjoying a meal with your family all together and also birthdays because this is what I would always ask my mom to make me on my birthday. It makes me homesick just thinking about it. This is the reason it is one of my favorites. One of my other favorites is spaghetti and I can make that here. While it does remind me of home in a way I think mine is better than the way my mom or grandma made it.


Image is from google image. It feels great to be back home. My trip was most excellent, but I am glad to be back.


Describe the perfect summer.

My ideal summer would be one where I don’t have to do anything. I get to go to an aquarium for my birthday, but the rest of the summer is spent by the pool or by the beach. Possibly going on quad rides. It would be hot outside, a dry heat. I would also include a trip to an amusement park where the lines are short and I can stay from when they open to when they close. Also I would finally get to go to the warped tour, and ideally bowling for soup, reel big fish, bouncing souls, nerf herder and the vandals would all be playing at different times so that I could enjoy them all.

Basically my perfect summer is getting to do things that I love while it is hot outside (I grew up in the desert). So going back to my childhood almost.


I have a job now. Also just a reminder that there isn’t going to be another post until the 8th of Feb.

The image is from google image

Write a witch’s spell

This isn’t so much a spell as it is asking for divine intervention to make someone love you.

Ok so for this spell here is what you will need:

A letter from the person you love

A picture of the person you love

A candle

How to cast the spell:

Light the candle and read the letter aloud. Staring directly at the picture you must say “my love is strong, my love is true, I know you can feel it too. Universe please hear my call and help my love find their way to me.” Then you must burn the letter in the candle flame along with the picture.

You should see results in about month, if not then your love wasn’t meant to be.


Ok I just thought this would be really fun to write. Hopefully I don’t offend anyone. That is not my intention. This image was found on Google image.

A boy quickly sticks something in his pocket. What is and why?

The security guards were watching the monitors in the store. Usually it’s just people browsing and the usual stuff. Very rarely did the store ever have theft. Both men were about to take a coffee break but they noticed something funny on camera four. They noticed a little boy all by himself.

One security guard decided he would go find out what was going on with this little boy, and where his parents were. As he approached the little boy quickly stuck something in his pocket. He looked at the security guard and started crying. “I don’t wanna steal, but my mommys making me” he cried.

The guard looks around and then back to the kid, who couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6. He said “It’s ok buddy, what’s your name?” The boy responded “Steven” through his sobs. You don’t have to steal. Why don’t you show me what you took?” Steven looked at him and through the tears said “I can’t I’ll get in trouble. They will take my mommy away again.” The guard looked around again seeing if Steven’s parents would come forward. They didn’t. “They are waiting for me outside. I have to go.” said Steven. who turned to walk away still crying. Clearly he was very upset, so the guard said “I won’t take it from  you, you can still take it to your mom ok. Just let me see what you took.” Steven turned around “Promise not to take it. My mom would be real mad if you did.” the guard nodded.

Steven reached into his pocket and pulled out a credit card, actually a handful of them. “How did you get these?” The guard asked. “Steven replied “people leave their purses in their shopping carts and then leave their cart to go get stuff. I go and I take them when they aren’t looking.” Steven smiled “My mommy’s gonna be real proud of me.”

Clearly the guard couldn’t let him take them. “Hey I am gonna take you outside to your parents ok buddy.” he stuck his hand out so Steven could grab it. Steven took his hand and said “I am gonna get in trouble?” The guard replied “let’s just go find your mommy, ok.” So Steven led the way outside to the car his parents were sitting in. When his parents looked up his mom said “Oh my God you found our little boy! We were so worried about him! Come Steven we must be going now.”

The guard replied “Not so fast. You clearly weren’t worried enough to go back inside and look for him. Also I can’t let you leave. I know what is in his pockets.” The mother said “we just got back to the car and were about to go look for him. As far as his pockets I have no idea what you are talking about.” She was clearly trying to get back into the car as fast as possible. “Ma’am if you don’t know what I am talking about then you won’t mind if I take what’s in his pockets then.” The mom looked horrified and looked at her son. “Why you little shit. How could you tell him what you took. You are gonna make them take mommy away from you. You’re gonna go back to foster care. No one likes a rat.” She was back in her seat and his parents were just gonna drive away and leave him there. Luckily before they could gun it out of the parking lot two cop cars showed up.

The guard bent down and said “Steven, give me the cards ok. We will figure this out. Things will be ok.” Steven when back to crying. He did as he was told while his parents were being arrested. Then one of the officers noticed a little scar on his cheek. He came over to talk to Steven. “You did a very good thing kid. I’m Officer Philip. What’s your name?” Steven looked at him sniffling “Steven.” The cop pulled a picture up on his phone and knew. He said “Hey Steven, I think I know just who to leave you with while your parents come talk with us. Ok.”

Steven nodded. The cop took his hand and they headed for his police car. Steve got to ride shotgun. He instantly cheered up when he saw all the buttons and heard the crackle of the radio. The cop got into the car and they drove down to the station. “Steven I gotta make a call real quick ok. I’ll be right back stay with Office Denny for a minute. I bet if you ask nicely she will buy you some candy.” Philip said winking at the Officer. She took Steven’s hand and led him into a room with a couch. “Do you want anything to eat or drink?” He looked at her and said “Officer Philip said I could have candy, I really like chocolate.” She replied “Me to. Are peanut butter cups ok?” Steven nodded. She could see Philip on the phone.

She knew he was informing the boys parents that they had found him. He was on the missing persons list for 3 years. The little scar under his eye was really the only indicator that this was the missing boy. “Here is some candy and here’s some water” She said. She knew that getting his DNA would be paramount. They had to have this confirmed before they started calling people child snatchers. Although the people he thought were his parents were not the best people, he might have actually been theirs.

A couple of days later the results were in and Steven was reunited with his real parents. Not only were the people pretending to be his parents arrested with theft and identity theft they were also charged with kidnapping. Steven was unsure at first but eventually warmed up to his actual parents. He never had to steal again.

You discover a talking starfish who asks you to show her what life on land is like, but she can’t come out of the water for more than five seconds.

If I were to meet a talking starfish who wanted to see life on land I would first grab a big glass or vase to fill with water and put the starfish in. Next I would inform the starfish not to talk in front of other people because they would probably freak out and then they would end up in a science lab being experimented on. If they did need to talk to me to ask a questions or something we would come up with a signal so that I could get my phone out and pretend like I am on speaker phone, so that no one would notice the starfish was really talking.

Once the starfish agreed to my terms and conditions I would fill up my container with sea water and place the starfish into it. Then I take the starfish up and down the beach so they could see all the people enjoying themselves. I would take them to a pier, like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or so the San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf, and let them watch people. I would take the starfish to a ferris wheel  so they could see for as far as their little eyes would allow. I would end the day eating dinner sitting on the patio of a cafe, enjoying the sunset with my new friend. I would take the starfish to a secluded spot on the beach and have a long and deep conversation about what they had seen and answer any questions that they might have before putting them back in the ocean.

I would be sad and I might even come back to the spot and visit the starfish every so often. In the end we would stay friends and talk more about people and the world. Keeping the secret of my new friend a secret for their own protection.


The image is from google image.

Describe trying to remember a dream.

When I think about trying to remember what I dream about, I usually close my eyes. I try to envision what I was thinking about the previous day. I attempt to recreate what I think it might have been. I then try to talk my way through it. If it starts to seem familiar I know that I am on the right track. If it doesn’t I keep going but take a different direction to see if that rings any bells.

I can usually remember what I was dreaming about at first and then it goes away so the best time to remember a dream for me is right after waking up. I should probably keep a journal so that I can just write things down. Maybe there is a book in one of my dreams.


Sorry this was so short. I have a lot on my mind. I might be getting a job. I have a call back tomorrow. Also the image is from google image. Remember there won’t be anything from Jan. 31-Feb. 7.