What do you do if you are in a relationship and the tables are flipped? Say you are supposed to be the random and crazy person with no direction in life and your friend has always been the one to know exactly what and who she wanted to be.

What do you do in that situation? Do you try to top them by doing something completely out of the ordinary or do you let them have this? I mean is it even a good thing if you have no idea what you want and think everyone else has it figured out? It turns out no one has it figured out. Everybody is struggling with something.

People are all over the place. Very few people actually know what they want to do, or are even really  happy with their jobs. It takes a lot of guts to admit that you need something different in your life. I personally am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and who I want to be.


Sorry this is all rambly. My brain is all over the place right now. The image is found on google image. The link to the original page it’s from didn’t work.


If I was a puzzle

I would ask why

put me together

and then tear me apart.

There is no need to redo me

I will be the same time and again.

Why take the time to rip me apart

just to put me back together again?

I feel your anger and your rage as you

try piece after piece until you get the right fit.

Why do you bother with me at all?

I am not necessary

I am not needed.

I only bring you anger until the end.

Then you experience a brief moment of satisfaction

because you conquered me.

Then you pull me apart to do all over again.


This is one of the last puzzles I did in my last place. I really enjoy puzzles. I don’t know why I am doing a lot of poetry lately. I think I kind of like it.

A day in the life

As I stare out of my cage I see my mom on her computer. She is there all the time. Sometimes to get attention I start squeaking really loudly so she will give me back scratches and chin scratches. Sometimes my dad gives me lettuce.

When they feed me I have to grab it real quick so they don’t take it back. I grab the lettuce and run inside my house, they can’t get me in here. Well my mom can sometimes. She is such a pain. Two times a day she wraps me in my blanket and I think Oh cuddles, but no she gives me medicine. She tricks me every time.¬† I wish she wouldn’t do that. I don’t like medicine.

On no, she sees me starting at her. I better pretend to drink so water so she doesn’t get suspicious. I think she is getting up I better hide in my house.


Just a random thought experiment on my part. Hope you like it. He gets his hugs in a blanket because he likes to eat my shirts, it gives him something else to chew on.


I get so excited when family comes to visit me. I have a new place, I think they will like it. There are always concerns in the back of my head. My main concerns are that they don’t approve of my lifestyle or the way that I choose to express myself. I know that I am just being crazy because I know they love me unconditionally, but still. It takes time to get past things like septum piercings or green hair. I also have to remember to choose my music carefully and make sure that I am not going to offend anyone. Trying to please everyone isn’t possible. People either love or hate you. Hopefully family loves you.


Sorry this is kind of weird. Also I am taking a writing class and a dinosaur class so expect those things to come up very often.

Work Party

As I looked through my closet, I couldn’t find anything to wear. It was all either to slutty, or inappropriate in some other way. “damn it” I said. I had to pick something. There was no time to go buy a dress. I had to meet my husband at his work event in two hours. I still had to do my hair and makeup.

We had just moved to this town when my husband’s job transferred him here. We had been living here for about a month. I still hadn’t really made any friends yet and I hadn’t met any of his colleagues. I wanted them to like me, to think that my husband makes good decisions.

I am nothing like my husband, I love tattoos, piercings and own more tshirts and pjs than anyone I’ve ever met. The only dresses I have show off way to much of my cleavage, which is why I got them. “Oh no, Sherman what am I going to do?” I asked my dog for advice. I thought about calling my best friend but she lives in Europe and it is the middle of the night there. I didn’t really wanna ask either of my other best friends because they have similar styles to me.

Confused and annoyed I remembered something.

In the very back of my closet was the dress that I wore to my rehearsal dinner. It was proper and respectable and I also kind of liked it. I decided to flip my septum up into my nose so they wouldn’t notice and grabbed a nice jacket with a little edge to cover my arms, so they wouldn’t know I was tattooed.

With the outfit on I finished getting ready. My make up game was on point that day so I was done with that in a flash. I had my hair done in a bun so I didn’t really have to worry about that, I wore it in a bun because I think I look better that way.

I had some time to spare before I had to leave so I sat at my computer and did some work. I got so distracted that I lost track of time and ended up being late, despite my good intentions. By the time I got there most of the people were drunk and didn’t care about anything. I had worked this event up in my head and there was really nothing to worry about.

Next time I will know better.


Image found on google image search. The original can be found here

Dino attack

One day a triceratops was just minding his own business in his herd. Making small talk between chews with his neighbor. When they heard a rustling sound. They saw a group of birds take flight from the trees that surrounded the meadow they were in. He thought nothing really of this until the ground started to shake. Then he and his herd knew that a t-rex was near.

This was nothing new to them they had fended off a baby t-rex earlier. Leaving it licking its wounds from their mighty horns. They went into protective formation around the little ones. They were going to defend their babies at all cost. He felt the next shake and knew this was different. This was a big t-rex, it might even be the parent of the baby they scared off earlier. If it was they could fight and might possible lose or run away.

As he looked around he realized they had no choice but to fight, they had to many young ones. The children would end up dinner for the t-rex who might not be satisfied with just one child. The t-rex might want more than one.

He suddenly had an idea. If the mothers and the children ran away they males could stay and distract him long enough for them to make their escape. He told his neighbor and soon the whole herd knew the plan. They all agreed that it was a good idea. So the moms and babies headed to the back of the herd just as planned. The second they started to make their break they saw the t-rex break through the trees.

t-rex ran at the herd and not the fleeing group with the women and children. The rest of the herd made up of almost all males was in formation ready to fight off the t-rex. They thought they had a chance because they didn’t have to worry about the babies or their mothers.

They figured wrong. This t-rex was extremely fierce and very upset. It was probably the parent of the t-rex they have hurt earlier. This t-rex was going to get its revenge for their child.

The t-rex ran at the group of males head on. It was almost like it didn’t care if it got hurt. The triceratops put up the best fight they could. There was a lot of blood. The ground would be stained red for many rains. The t-rex managed to get a hold of one of the triceratops. He was screaming for his friends to help him. Before they could manage their attack he was almost entirely split in half. The t-rex came running for them and they all decided it was best to slowly flee in formation so the rear was protected. They couldn’t save their friend as he bled slowly out. The t-rex was satisfied with chasing them off and went back to it’s kill. They could hear the bones crunching from the forest path they were on.


Image is from google image, Original came from here Giving credit as much as I can. Not sure exactly how to cite the pictures since I really either have them from my own photos or I just google search them.


Sherman wasn’t moving well

I called the vet they told me to call the animal er

I called them and they said

bring him in quickly

Once in the office they listened to his lungs

all they heard was crackling and not much breathing at all

They rushed him down to the zoomed office

they put him in a box with a hose of oxygen because a mask wouldn’t work

They took some pictures and they said that his lungs were full of fluid

He must have antibiotics they said

They gave him a shot and told us to return on Wednesday to get a booster shot

They told me to give him some antibiotics with his arthritis meds assuming he would take it

I tried and tried and realized that raspberries aren’t for Sherman

I forced him to take the meds and he would get cranky

But some he moving again and being a butthead


This is just a poem, I am not sure that I did it right. I don’t really do poetry, but thought I would try something. Sherman is actually doing much better.