Am I a nerd for taking free online classes for the fun of it? Maybe. I might be considered a nerd or geek by some. However I enjoy learning. I always did really well in school. I love school supply shopping. I just think school is awesome.

I can’t believe that my nephew is in middle school. It is really just mind boggling. I mean I know that he is growing up and stuff. I still remember him when he was in diapers. I remember watching him learn how to do things. I remember him thinking I was the greatest. Now I am not so much, he still loves me.

I feel really old right now knowing that I was in middle school at the end of the 90s and he is just starting middle school now. I mean its like when you find out your favorite movie as a child is now old enough to drink. It is just mind boggling how fast and slow time goes by.

I know this is all over the place and rambly but my mind is all over the place and rambly right now. I am also very hungry and am waiting on my soup to cook.


This is a puzzle that I did a while ago.

Sassy the Cat

I came into the door after walking home from school. Sweat dripped down my back and I moved into the living room to sit in front of the fan. As I set my back pack down I looked at my mom for the first time since arriving. She looked really concerned. “Mommy are you ok?” I asked in my squeaky little voice. “No sweetie I have to tell you something. You might be really upset.” I looked her in the eyes with tears welling up in mine. “What is it mommy?” She replied “Its about your cat Sassy, she is missing. We opened the back door for a moment and she ran outside. We went out after her but couldn’t find her. We think the dog might have gotten her.” I was bawling at this point, I couldn’t see through tears or breath through the snot that was running from my nose. I kept saying “Not Sassy, she wouldn’t leave me she wouldn’t leave me” Shaking my mom wrapped her arms around me, she understood just how upset I was. She was a gentle soul just like me. Someone who likes animals more than people.

I had an unnatural bond with my cat Sassy. She followed me everywhere and was always in my room with me. She was my best friend, even more so than my actual best friend. I could just feel my heart breaking into a million pieces, each one shattering more upon impact. Then I heard something. “Sassy!” I cried out “meow” my cat responded. I knew it was Sassy and not the other cats because Sassy had a distinctive cry because she lost her teeth. I ran towards the meek meowing of my cat, wiping tears from my eyes so that I wouldn’t trip and fall.

My Mom and Grandma were following me because they could hear the meowing but they didn’t believe it. They were certain that Sassy had run outside and that the dog must have gotten her. Soon I was in my bedroom and I could see a little whisker poking out from under the bed.

I reached under the bed and pulled out my cat. My Sassy. “I knew she wouldn’t leave me Mommy. didn’t I say she wouldn’t leave me” I was crying again, but this time they were happy tears. I wasn’t shaking anymore. Everything was better because I had my best friend wrapped in my arms. “Well I guess she just ran back inside as we stepped out to look for her.” my Mommy said smiling. She was so happy and so was my grandma. We were all smiling and Sassy was purring in my arms.

Everything turn out to be OK.


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This is Sassy from the movie homeward bound. I named my cat after her despite them not looking alike.

St. Jude Play Live

Hey everyone it is that time of year again. St. Jude Play Live is happening. It starts today and goes through the end of May. I will actually be streaming this year as part of the Derp Squad. You can watch my streams at You can donate here My goal is to raise $100 for St. Jude. They fight childhood cancer and they don’t charge families a dime. All the kids get treated for free and their family gets moved close by so that the child can undergo treatment. It is a really great cause. Thank you.


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You realize your crush is following you home. What do you do?

Amber was a typical middle school student. She had the usual celebrity crushes and crushes on some of her classmates. She really liked this one kid. His name was Syd, he was named after Syd Vicious. He was mysterious and brooding. All the girls had crushes on him.

One day Amber noticed that Syd was following her home. She knew he lived on the other side of town, so it was weird to see him on her street. She continued walking pretending not to notice him. Then Syd called her name. Amber turned around and said “What? Why are you following me, it’s sorta creepy.”

Syd replied “I’m sorry. I am not trying to freak you out. I just can’t go home and was hoping maybe I could hang out with you. I just didn’t know how to ask.”  Amber responded “Why can’t you go home and why me?”

“I can’t go home because well we don’t really have one. I can’t hang out in the shelter so I have to find something else to do during the day. I get really lonely. I chose you because you seem really nice and understanding. I mean you’re not like those other girls who just have a crush on me. You seem to actually pay attention to me.”

“Oh ok. I’m sorry you don’t have a place to stay. Yeah you can hang out with me as much as you want. My mom will be more than happy to feed you too.” She walked toward him and they began walking together back to her place. She understood what he was going through. She grew up in a similar situation, her family just managed to get out of it and make it far enough out of poverty that they had a house.

Amber’s mom was completely accepting of Syd and offered to feed him. She even offered Syd and his Dad a place to stay. They eventually moved in with Amber and her family. Amber and Syd grew really close over the years and became best friends. All they girls were jealous of Amber because they all thought that her and Syd were dating. When in reality they were just really good friends, she initially was attracted to Syd but that morphed into caring about him the was she would a brother.  Also Syd was gay and no one else knew that.


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Story Time

Hey everybody it is time for a story. It’s just a short story.

So I am a creature of habit. I like things to be the same consistently. I really don’t like change. My best friend growing up cracked her knuckles all the time. I grew to find the sound comforting. One day she stopped because she was trying to quit cracking her knuckles because her mom didn’t like her doing it. Well when she stopped the cracking sound was gone. The longer it was gone the more I missed it. This is actually why I crack my knuckles. If she hadn’t stopped for a time I don’t think I would crack my knuckles. Because at first I only did it around her and then I just kept doing it more and more until I was always cracking my knuckles and I even crack my toes now.

The next few stories are probably going to be true stories about me and my friend because she is driving in to see me tomorrow. She is only staying for the weekend. Because she is coming in all of these childhood memories that I haven’t thought about in years are popping back into my head. It is just so weird. Tomorrow I might  write about when we met or some of the games we used to play as kids.

Talk to you tomorrow.


I might have to remove the picture because well I didn’t ask permission to use her image but I am sure she will be ok with it. But if the picture changes that is why.


FYI – This is not autobiographical

One day sitting on the couch her phone goes off. She finishes what she was doing and checks it. It is her period tracker. It says she might be pregnant. She laughs it off thinking there is no way she could be.

Later that night she is with her boyfriend. She tells him about the message her phone sent her. Thinking he will laugh it off. He doesn’t, he is actually excited by the possibility. They had never talked about having kids. She had never even thought about having kids of her own.

She was taken aback by his response and was confused by her own feelings. She didn’t know how she felt about the idea of a person growing inside of her. She didn’t know if she even wanted kids. She started to worry what if her phone was right.

She went to the store the following day to pick up a test to see if she was pregnant or not. She took it before deciding on how she felt about the whole thing. Thinking that what the test said might influence her opinions. She waited and waited and then finally checked the test, it came back as negative.

She waited another week and took the second one just to be sure and it was also negative. She was so relieved. She almost felt ashamed of being so relieved. She realized in that moment staring at the negative test that she really didn’t want kids. Definitely not her own.  She figured she could adopt if she changed her mind about wanting a family.

She told her boyfriend that she was in fact not pregnant. He seemed disappointed. She knew she had to have a tough discussion with him about the future, she didn’t want to.

She sat her boyfriend down and told him that she didn’t want kids at all and that if she ever changed her mind they could adopt. He was really upset by this. It turned out his whole life all he ever wanted was a family of his own. He loved her deeply but they both knew that this was a deal breaker.

They decided to split up because of this. It was sad and not an easy decision but they both knew it was the right one. If they would have stayed together either she would have resented him because she would have had a child or he would have resented her because she wouldn’t have a child.

This is a reminder that talking about things in a relationship is important. Communication is key and it is best to be upfront about things that are really important to you. If you are not you might be with someone who can’t give you the things that you need. Be honest with yourself and your partner. If you see a future with someone make sure you talk about the big things that matter in the long run.


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More Fan Fiction – WoW

A young human the age of eight was swooped up by the Kirin Tor. They took her to Dalaran to train her as a mage. They chose Kami because of her unusual skill in magic. She did not come from a prestigious family, nor did she come from a family with a history of magic use. She was in the local school system but the teachers started to get concerned. Kami was using magic, despite the fact no one was teaching her how to. The teachers were so concerned that she would burn down Stormwind that they  called the Kirin Tor. The teachers begged that they take her.

The Kirin Tor were very curious to see this young girl who was wielding magic without being taught. They decided to send someone down to Stormwind. Once the recruiters was there and talked with the teachers they took Kami aside and asked her to show them some of the magic she could do. They were in awe of the power she wielded. They asked “Where did you learn how to do this?” Kami responded “I don’t know, I just kind of do it. Sometimes I can’t really control it.” They were even more in awe of her. They sent her back to her class and went to talk to her parents, both of them tailors.

The recruiter talked to the parents saying “your daughter is incredibly gifted but she needs to learn how to manage and control her abilities.” The mother responded “We know, she sometimes gets scared when she can’t control it. She would love to be able to go to school to study magic but we simply don’t have the funds to send her. We often wonder if she is going to end up burning the whole city down.” The recruiters nodded in agreement, they knew from their interview that she was very talented but had control issues. “We can take her to Dalaran and put her in magic classes there. We will do it for free since we know you can’t afford it. We only do this because of the level of talent and because she can’t keep living with civilians if she cannot control her powers.” The parents nodded and signed the agreement. They felt awful for sending their only child away but they knew they had no other choice really.

The recruiters went back to the school to pick up Kami, who was surprised to see them. They told her “Your parents think it would be best if you came to live with us in Dalaran to learn to manage your magic better.” Kami stopped and said “I don’t want to go, can’t I stay here and learn?” The recruiters looked at each other and one of them said “No, it is to dangerous for you to continue to live in Stormwind. You need to come with us.” Kami responded by saying “No I don’t want to leave my family.” One of the recruiters said “They can come visit you whenever you want them to. They will be made available to you as much as you need them. They  are not giving you away to us. They are only allowing us to train you. Once you complete your training you may return to them.” She knew that last part was a lie but felt it would help convince  Kami to leave her family and come with them.

Kami thought a moment and said “I want to talk to my parents, you need to promise them what you just told me.” With that being said she started to walk towards her parents shop with the recruiters in tow. After much discussion amongst them all Kami agreed to go with them. Kami knew she would have to join the army and help defend the world from the Legion when her training was finished but that she would learn how to make teleports to Stormwind so she could be with her family from time to time while out in the field working for the Alliance.


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