Hey sorry for no story today. I am going to stream for St. Jude tonight. I have some really exciting personal news. My husband got offered a job, so we are moving out of the state we currently live in. I don’t know how this will effect this blog or my puzzle blog. I don’t have an exact date for when we will be moving or anything like that. It really just happened like yesterday. We are both super excited. I will come up with something for Monday. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about and I will see what I can do. Thank you everyone and I’ll be back on Monday.

St. Jude Play Live

Hey everyone it is that time of year again. St. Jude Play Live is happening. It starts today and goes through the end of May. I will actually be streaming this year as part of the Derp Squad. You can watch my streams at twitch.tv/vanillalicks. You can donate here https://tiltify.com/events/st-jude-68061dcc-6044-49da-a6df-2c4fc95cd803/donate. My goal is to raise $100 for St. Jude. They fight childhood cancer and they don’t charge families a dime. All the kids get treated for free and their family gets moved close by so that the child can undergo treatment. It is a really great cause. Thank you.


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A WoW Poem

This is the story of Kami the Rouge.

She didn’t have a care in the world

All she wanted was to pick your pockets

She melded with the shadows and waited in silence

She’d jump out at you and stab your back

Before you could blink she would be gone

Leaving not a trace to be followed

She had daggers and poisons galore

If she walked by you and pricked you

You’d be dead in an hour

She had all she wanted

She got it all stolen

This is the story of Kami

The sad and lonely rogue


Just felt like writing a poem. Image from google image

What do your characters do when you log out?

Have you ever wondered what the characters you create do when you log out? I have. I think that  they either enjoy the town or city they are in or they set up camp and relax while you are away. I feel like this would be the sensible or logical thing to do. I mean in WoW if you log off in a major city there is lots to do. Restaurants to go to or taverns to hang out at. If you stop in a smaller place I am sure they have things to do there as well. I mean they are designed to be stopping points and places to relax for weary travelers or adventurers.

But what about in games like Overwatch. What do the characters do when we aren’t playing them? Do they have a base that they all hang out at? Do they all go their separate ways and enjoy their lives and only show up when called upon. I feel like they probably all go off and enjoy their lives. When you log into Overwatch, they probably get called to duty and have to hang out at a secret base somewhere. I hope there is stuff there for them to do. I would hate for them to be bored just sitting waiting to be played, and never get picked.

I have considered writing some Overwatch fan fiction, because at the moment I am all about Overwatch and the event. I mean I still play wow, because I don’t think there will ever be a time when I don’t have an active wow account.

Image from Google Image. Piece by Doctaword. http://imgur.com/gallery/dCuHXRT

Noble Gardens

Today is the start of Noble Gardens all across Azeroth. Be sure to go to all of the town squares to look for eggs. They may contain items, gold or simply chocolate. The chocolate can be eaten or it can be traded with merchants who have a sweet tooth. Be sure to join in the festivities all week all across Azeroth. Remember that this happens only once a year so be sure to have fun.


Hey guys sorry this is so short. I have just had this in my head for like 3 days. It feels like this would be on a poster somewhere in the main cities in WoW. Image is from google image.

Taylor the Sailor

This is the story of Taylor the sailor. She is a young crab who joined the sailor academy when the humans started to collect her people. They knew they had to fight back and they knew that it would be impossible without all hands on deck. That is why Taylor decided to join the Sailor Academy.

She wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself. She had also lost a few crabs close to her in the human invasion. They were used to humans in the tidal pools and had never really had any issues. Then one day humans decided to start collecting crabs at random. Soon the population was cut by a third. One thing they learned at the academy was to use their claws effectively and with precision.

Despite being a cadet still in training she was required to go on guard duties and attack any and all humans who entered their water, their home. She became very skilled at hiding and striking the humans. She was one of the most effective guards they had in their tidal pools. Taylor knew she had made the right choice when she decided to join. She knew she would be effective at stopping the loss of crab life. She knew she could make a difference.

She was already making a difference. In the time since she had started the academy the loss of crabs slowed to only 1 missing crab every other day. They were already making their neighborhood tide pools safer. It wasn’t just the crabs that were effected, the snails and the fish who also lived in the tidal pools were being snatched. They didn’t have the protective measures that the crabs naturally had. Thought they were still helping in the protection. They were making sure the crabs on patrol had food. The fish in the area also patrolled and would swim ahead and alert the crabs if they sensed danger.

When the humans came around after the patrols started every time they left their was a wisp of blood in the water from where the humans were injured. Everyone in the tidal pools thought that this was going to make a difference. They all hoped that it would anyways. They wanted to scare off the humans so they could live in peace.

This didn’t last. The humans came back with nets and these things on their hands the the crab claws couldn’t break through. While some of the crabs were able to cut the nets and escape the grasp of the humans, they knew that their time would come also. With the advancement of human weapons what chance did they have to defend themselves. Taylor had an idea that changed the game. Taylor who had just graduated and was a full fledged sailor, had a plan. She suggested that some of the crabs and maybe some of the snails follow the humans to see where they were taking their friends. This way they could break them out of whatever hell they were in.

This didn’t go over very well with a lot of the animals. They couldn’t imaging what this would solve. They didn’t know if they even wanted to know what their fate was. Taylor was determined to put her plan into action. She knew she could make something of this. Maybe if all of the crabs escaped then they would stop collecting them because they would realize that they couldn’t keep them. Maybe it would prevent more from being taken. at least it would bolster their numbers and make them have a decent chance at surviving.

So one night after they were attacked Taylor and a snail named Larry left their little home and followed where the humans had gone. They followed the trail until it led into a big concrete building. They could smell sea water as if they were right at the ocean even thought they weren’t. Larry and Taylor managed to sneak into this building. They looked around in awe at whet they saw. All of their friends and family that had been lost and other species of fish that they knew were all swimming happily and having a great time.

Taylor asked the crabs “what is this place” they responded “its an aquarium, they feed us and take care of us and all we have to do is hang out and let humans stare at us. It is awesome.” Taylor was shocked. She said “we cam to rescue you, don’t you want to be rescued?” The crabs one by one all shook their head and said “No we like it here”.

Taylor and Larry went back to the tidal pools that they had called home their whole lives. Taylor was dismayed. She didn’t know what to think anymore. She and Larry got to talking and they decided to tell the animals of the pools what they had seen and how happy everyone was.

Once back in the pools Taylor and Larry called a town meeting. Taylor started “we found all or our lost friends and family. They are in a better place. A place called an aquarium. They are all really happy there. They didn’t want to be rescued.” Larry added “They get fed in regular intervals and they get care when they get sick all they have to do is sit and let humans stare at them.

The town went into a discussion on what to do with this information. The mayor said “We have decided to stop fighting back and let them take as many of us as they want. We all have more food now with less competition and it seems like we would be going to a nice relaxing place where we would never have to worry about anything. Either way is it a win win for all of us.” With that the meeting ended.

Taylor was dismayed. She didn’t want to live her life caged up. She didn’t want to have humans stare at her and use her for their amusement. She left a note for her parents and headed into deeper waters to try to make it on her own.  She knew they pools had made the safest and best decision for them  but she was not ready to give up the fight. She became a rebel sailor and lived the rest of her life in the wide open ocean. Thinking of her family often. She did miss them but she knew she made the right decision for her.


Image is from google image. Please don’t copy as a tattoo. It is not the tattoo this story is based upon. The story is based upon my tattoo and I don’t want people to see it and try to copy it.