The New Year

This year will be better than last year

of course

But you start off sick and wonder how it’ll work

You try to drink tea, your throat is still swollen

Maybe some dayquil will help

New piggys await in 2018 who doesn’t want that

I wonder who they will be

Will they be happy or skidish or both since there is two

Oh and you will have a penguin encounter too

You will touch a penguin and give one a hug

all your dreams come true one day at a time

There are more tattoos that await your body

some are memorial and some are just funny

I hope no one dies because that would suck

I really hope our president doesn’t fuck it up

I hope there is no war and that Spain wins the world cup

That people learn to love others instead of fear

People should know that the US still cares

Most of us want refugees to stay

We all wanna help make the new year great

so start off simple

start by saying hello to someone, hold a door, give a smile

Just try to be there and love one another

Don’t be a dick and don’t spread hate

If everyone does that all will be great.


If I was a puzzle

I would ask why

put me together

and then tear me apart.

There is no need to redo me

I will be the same time and again.

Why take the time to rip me apart

just to put me back together again?

I feel your anger and your rage as you

try piece after piece until you get the right fit.

Why do you bother with me at all?

I am not necessary

I am not needed.

I only bring you anger until the end.

Then you experience a brief moment of satisfaction

because you conquered me.

Then you pull me apart to do all over again.


This is one of the last puzzles I did in my last place. I really enjoy puzzles. I don’t know why I am doing a lot of poetry lately. I think I kind of like it.


Sherman wasn’t moving well

I called the vet they told me to call the animal er

I called them and they said

bring him in quickly

Once in the office they listened to his lungs

all they heard was crackling and not much breathing at all

They rushed him down to the zoomed office

they put him in a box with a hose of oxygen because a mask wouldn’t work

They took some pictures and they said that his lungs were full of fluid

He must have antibiotics they said

They gave him a shot and told us to return on Wednesday to get a booster shot

They told me to give him some antibiotics with his arthritis meds assuming he would take it

I tried and tried and realized that raspberries aren’t for Sherman

I forced him to take the meds and he would get cranky

But some he moving again and being a butthead


This is just a poem, I am not sure that I did it right. I don’t really do poetry, but thought I would try something. Sherman is actually doing much better.


A WoW Poem

This is the story of Kami the Rouge.

She didn’t have a care in the world

All she wanted was to pick your pockets

She melded with the shadows and waited in silence

She’d jump out at you and stab your back

Before you could blink she would be gone

Leaving not a trace to be followed

She had daggers and poisons galore

If she walked by you and pricked you

You’d be dead in an hour

She had all she wanted

She got it all stolen

This is the story of Kami

The sad and lonely rogue


Just felt like writing a poem. Image from google image

An Ode to Chocolate Cake

I am going to attempt a poem about Chocolate Cake. Lets see how this goes.

Oh chocolate on chocolate

the frosting so fudgey

You melt in my mouth like your honey

Oh Chocolate on chocolate

how do I love thee

I love thee in every shape or size

Most of all I love to eat you

As I shovel the last bite in my face

I feel sad because there is no more you

There is only me feeling guilty for eating all of you


image from google image. I am just eating cake and it is so good. I couldn’t think of anything else to write and thought I would try some poetry.

You are a cowboy write a poem to your horse

To Keno

I used to ride you around the park

I would always ride until dark

Then I would have to put you back

Clean you off, and then go home

I hated leaving you by yourself

But there was nothing else

I have and will always love you Keno

Even though you passed many years ago


ps – I don’t really understand poetry, so sorry if this is really bad.