Hey everyone sorry about not posting yesterday. I was feeling very anxious and depressed. I have been going through some emotional times recently and that has completely blocked my creativity. I woke up today feeling so much better. I will be streaming later today at twitch.tv/vanillalicks you can find out when by following me on twitter at twitter.com/vanillalicks or you can just donate at https://tiltify.com/events/st-jude-68061dcc-6044-49da-a6df-2c4fc95cd803/donate

and donate to St. Jude. I am trying to raise $100. Thank you and I will have a story for you on Friday.

St. Jude Play Live

Hey everyone it is that time of year again. St. Jude Play Live is happening. It starts today and goes through the end of May. I will actually be streaming this year as part of the Derp Squad. You can watch my streams at twitch.tv/vanillalicks. You can donate here https://tiltify.com/events/st-jude-68061dcc-6044-49da-a6df-2c4fc95cd803/donate. My goal is to raise $100 for St. Jude. They fight childhood cancer and they don’t charge families a dime. All the kids get treated for free and their family gets moved close by so that the child can undergo treatment. It is a really great cause. Thank you.


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St. Jude Play Live

Hey everyone this is a little different today. I just wanted everyone to know that I am going to be streaming for St. Jude’s Play Live event that starts basically tomorrow. I will be attempting to stream daily except for the first day. You can find me at twitch.tv/vanillalicks . And you can donate here https://fundraising.stjude.org/site/Donation2?df_id=3560&PROXY_ID=3466821&PROXY_TYPE=20&FR_ID=58984. My goal is to raise $100 for St. Jude during the month long event. Thank you for all your help.