St. Jude Play Live

Hey everyone it is that time of year again. St. Jude Play Live is happening. It starts today and goes through the end of May. I will actually be streaming this year as part of the Derp Squad. You can watch my streams at You can donate here My goal is to raise $100 for St. Jude. They fight childhood cancer and they don’t charge families a dime. All the kids get treated for free and their family gets moved close by so that the child can undergo treatment. It is a really great cause. Thank you.


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Call to Action!

Hey everyone. I know that I don’t usually do this and I generally try to keep politics off of here. Please call your senators and house members in the US and tell them not to kill PBS and NPR and The National Endowment for the Arts. Please if you live in the US please let them know how important these programs are. The entire budget that was proposed is awful and takes away food from children and old people. It does really horrible things. Please call your representatives and let them know that this is unacceptable. I am sorry that I brought politics into this and I will try not to do something like this again. Thank you. Regular blogs resume tomorrow.