WoW thoughts

With patch 7.3.5 going live today and the new level system in place I am torn with what to do. Should I keep just doing my hunter and my demon hunter or should I try a new class and level them up and experience the fix to leveling. Also if I were to pick a new class what would I pick. I mean really what to choose, plus I have to take into consideration the new allied races that are coming in as well with what class to pick because that class might need to be put on hold for a new allied race.

Also what spec should I play I mean it is either going to be a healer or a dps but I mean some classes could be both. Also do I need to balance how many healers on each side. Also which race goes best with which class and what am I actually focusing on. Dungeons and raids or reputations or something else.

Also I kind of want to get back into streaming on twitch again. The only problem with that is that I don’t have my own section of the apartment so I wouldn’t be able to film or play on that character when my husband is home. Plus I am going out of town in like a week so I don’t want to start something new and then have to take a break.

I know that I have a problem with WoW, it is well established and known in my household. It has never interfered with getting the things I need done. I always did my school work and went to work. I just don’t have anything to do at the moment so I am trying to plan out all of my WoW so that when I get a job I will have it all laid out. Plus I have things that I want to do before the new expansion comes out at some point this year.

I am sorry about this post. WoW is down for maintenance and I have nothing else to do. Hopefully I can come up with something tomorrow to write about.


Miyam the Pandaren priest

As a Pandaren, we have many aspects to our religion. One of the main ones it the honoring of our ancestors. The elders of each village pick a few select children to be raised as guardians of the ancestors. When I was six I was chosen to be one. My name is Miyam and this is my story. It is not what you would think.

As I was growing up under the training of the elders I learned all about being a guardian of our ancestor. We learned detailed histories of several prominent Pandaren. We were taught special techniques to ward off the Sha, which are evil spirits. So I had a lot of practice avoiding the Sha.

The Sha became more powerful when the mist faded and strange visitors came to our land. They were nothing like us. They fight for fun and amusement, they also don’t have fur except for the Tauren and the Worgen. They brought with them very bad energy which gave the Sha more power. The Sha were kept in check with the fog and because of our cultural practices, which we didn’t realize until it was to late.

Once the visitors came to our shores there was no turning them back. Some members of Pandaren society sided with one side or the other of the strangers. They called themselves Horde and Alliance. Once you pledged your allegiance to one you could no longer talk to members of the other even if they were your best friend or your family before.

Some decided to stay Pandaren and just allow the visitors to be, because there was no way we could stop them.

With all the in fighting among the Pandaren the Sha grew more emboldened. It got to a point where I could no longer fight the Sha. It’s dark energy permeated my body and soul. I was forever altered. I decided to join the Horde and leave my post as a guardian. I felt bad for leaving but I knew that I could no longer fulfill my duties. I felt it was best to get out and away before my Sha seeped into others. I joined the Horde to escape my family and friends, so they would not see what I became. I became a priest of the shadows. I learned dark magic and let it devour me. I can no longer heal my allies I can only inflict pain upon my enemies.


This image is from google image. Original can be found here.


Remda the Death Knight

Remda was a servant of the Litch King for the longest time, she had no memories of her previous life as a solider living in Iron Forge. One day the hold of the Litch King started to wane. She could remember glances and fragments of memories but she didn’t realize what they were. She thought of them as just dreams. As the days went past she was having more and more of these flashbacks of her life.

She soon realized that she was remembering real life events. She was horrified because she also remembered what she did as a servant of the Litch King. She knew that there was no way to atone for her atrocities.

Remda knew that she had to try to atone for the horrors she committed against the Alliance, who she swore an oath to protect when she was alive. She made her way toward Stormwind city with several other death knights, as they were called.

When she got to the gate the guards didn’t want to let her in, they were calling all of the death knights names and throwing food and trash at them. Eventually they were allowed into the city proper but their reception was anything but warm. They were hated because people thought they were either still under the control of the Litch King or they just remembered the loved ones who died at their hands. The name calling and trash throwing continued all the way until they entered the throne room.

There they were under close eye and even had swords to their back as they pleaded with King Anduin. All of the death knights were remorseful and did their best to show it. Remda broke down in tears as she recounted the horror of remembering who she once was and what she had become. She pleaded desperately to be let back into the Alliance and to fight the scourge and the Horde.

She and the other death knights were eventually granted a pardon for their sins against the light. They were allowed back in as part of the Alliance. They were questioned intensely by guards after they were let back into the Alliance. All of them knew this was to make sure they really were abandoned of the Litch King and that they were not secretly sleeper agents.

This was a precaution all of them faced. They also had to face the public who were not as kind as the king.

They had to gain the trust of the citizens of Azeroth again. Remda knew it would be a long task but she was willing to do anything to atone for the atrocities that she had committed.  She would give anything to take back what had happened, but since she couldn’t do that she knew she had to try to make amends with those she wronged and help the Alliance battle the horde, scourge and the legion.

There were many threats to Azeroth and she was willing to take them all on in her quest to atone for her sins against the light and to forgive herself for what she had done.


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St. Jude Play Live

Hey everyone it is that time of year again. St. Jude Play Live is happening. It starts today and goes through the end of May. I will actually be streaming this year as part of the Derp Squad. You can watch my streams at You can donate here My goal is to raise $100 for St. Jude. They fight childhood cancer and they don’t charge families a dime. All the kids get treated for free and their family gets moved close by so that the child can undergo treatment. It is a really great cause. Thank you.


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A WoW Poem

This is the story of Kami the Rouge.

She didn’t have a care in the world

All she wanted was to pick your pockets

She melded with the shadows and waited in silence

She’d jump out at you and stab your back

Before you could blink she would be gone

Leaving not a trace to be followed

She had daggers and poisons galore

If she walked by you and pricked you

You’d be dead in an hour

She had all she wanted

She got it all stolen

This is the story of Kami

The sad and lonely rogue


Just felt like writing a poem. Image from google image

What do your characters do when you log out?

Have you ever wondered what the characters you create do when you log out? I have. I think that  they either enjoy the town or city they are in or they set up camp and relax while you are away. I feel like this would be the sensible or logical thing to do. I mean in WoW if you log off in a major city there is lots to do. Restaurants to go to or taverns to hang out at. If you stop in a smaller place I am sure they have things to do there as well. I mean they are designed to be stopping points and places to relax for weary travelers or adventurers.

But what about in games like Overwatch. What do the characters do when we aren’t playing them? Do they have a base that they all hang out at? Do they all go their separate ways and enjoy their lives and only show up when called upon. I feel like they probably all go off and enjoy their lives. When you log into Overwatch, they probably get called to duty and have to hang out at a secret base somewhere. I hope there is stuff there for them to do. I would hate for them to be bored just sitting waiting to be played, and never get picked.

I have considered writing some Overwatch fan fiction, because at the moment I am all about Overwatch and the event. I mean I still play wow, because I don’t think there will ever be a time when I don’t have an active wow account.

Image from Google Image. Piece by Doctaword.